Specializing in Design and Manufacturing

of Thick Film Substrates & Hybrids


Thick Film Solutions specializes in the design and manufacturing of thick film substrates and hybrids. Our experienced designers can start with your schematic diagram and components list and design you a manufacturable substrate or we can simply build to your existing print.

Thick Film Solutions is dedicated to producing only the highest quality products. We want to ensure that any substrates supplied by Thick Film Solutions fully meet your performance expectations. In order to meet this goal, we provide close support from the initial design effort to shipping the final product. All of our substrates are designed and manufactured to meet MIL-PRF-38534 visual criteria and screening.

Thick Film Solutions fully supports all markets including: industrial, medical, military, and aerospace. We can handle volumes from small prototype runs to full production at competitive prices. We hope to work with you on your next thick film substrate or hybrid requirement.

Your source for quality thick film substrates and hybrids..
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